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OhSo STRIB'ble

Award Winning HerbalFusions

At Cann'A Woman Heal, we believe in the natural healing power of herbs and their ability to transform lives. Our award winning non GMO organic herbal fusions are carefully crafted to ensure that each blend provides the maximum therapeutic benefits. From teas and powders to tinctures and capsules, our products are formulated with your health and wellness in mind. We are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal wellness by providing you with the highest quality herbs available.

Infuse With OhSo

At Cann'A Woman Heal, we believe that a natural approach to health and wellness is the best way forward. Our apothecary specializes in infusing herbs to microdose for sanity and overall wellness. Our goal is to provide women with an all-natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, so they can take charge of their health using a holistic approach.

OhSo's Homemade Pies

At Cann'A Woman Heal, we are passionate about natural remedies. Our apothecary offers a variety of herbal products to help you find the relief you need, using only the best quality ingredients. We believe that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, and our role is to guide you on that journey. But that’s not all! We also offer homemade, delicious pies, made from scratch, just like grandma used to make. So come on over and enjoy a slice of pie while browsing our selection!

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