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Cannabis Freedom Day 520

by LaWann Stribling

The National Cannabis Festival truly did its thing AGAIN! As a 1st timer to the Policy Summit to a returning Advocacy Vendor to a Ticket Holder to enjoy the festivities the entire showcase was set up for everyone’s enjoyment that’s 21 and over. If you didn’t get a chance to attend the Summit this year, be sure to sign up for next year when it is available. The Amphitheater at the Ronald Reagan Building gave off a natural flowy intimate vibe for these one on ones and panelist discussions. You missed the opportunity to hear from amazing Women in Advocacy like Toi Hutchinson President & Founder MPP to US Senate Candidate Gary Chambers Jr Gary Chambers for Louisiana | Do Good. Seek Justice. Did I mention the matter of water retention? It is always a great place to be when you get to learn new things. I find it peculiar that this summit was held at the Ronald Reagan Building “Just Say No”!

Now that 420 is out the way let's get back to focusing on ACTION!

That action being advocating, educating and lobbying for Parents, Adults and Children Patients to have #cannabisfreedom. Cannabis Freedom should be a birth right for every individual born. Are you aware that prior to the introduction of hypodermic needles cannabis was medicine for everyone? I recall opening the medicine cabinet in our family home in NWDC growing up and seeing tincture bottles. Cannabis as medicine can be traced back 6000 years. You can find many references in medical journals from China, India & Egypt. These journals document the uses of hemp for its protein rich fibers, oils and seeds to produce cloths, paper and rope. India lists cannabis as 1 of the five sacred plants of Hinduism. Cannabis was integral in worship. People started using it to alleviate epilepsy, rabies, rheumatism, anxiety, and even bronchitis and asthma. To this date cannabis is an essential ingredient to a popular drink called bhang.

Historical evidence suggests China was the 1st culture to use cannabis to alleviate pain and other various treatments. Even with the medicinal benefits, back in 4000 B.C. Physicians warned their patients that using the plant excessively could cause them to see demons.

In Medieval Times a Persian Physician lists cannabis as one of the most effective drugs for curing edema, gout, headaches, severe wounds, as well as epilepsy. In the 1300s Africa is recorded for using cannabis to treat asthma, fever, malaria, and dysentery. Europeans relied on cannabis as a means of treating various conditions such as cough, tumors, and jaundice. In the 1600s Spanish Conquistadors brought hemp cannabis to North and South America. It took another 200 to 300 years before Cannabis therapeutic benefits were discovered in America. In the 1830s to 1840s an Irish Physician named William O'Shaughnessy advocated the use of cannabis for treating rheumatism and nausea both in England and America. He discovered that the drug was completely safe, so he began prescribing it to his patients, which brought him a fair deal of success. One of his biggest achievements came when he managed to successfully treat muscle spasms caused by rabies and tetanus. Dr O’Shaughnessy introduced Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica to England and America. In the 19th Century Marihuana became mainstream medicine in the west. Pharmacies sold cannabis-based cures and more than 100 papers were published on the therapeutic uses of cannabis.

Learning about the foundations of Cannabis around the world makes you wonder how this amazing plant became a prohibited schedule 1 drug. Dr. O’Shaughnessy’s research also led to the development of intravenous therapy. The hypodermic needles were also invented around this time. This discovery pushed the treatment of medical marihuana to the beginning of extinction. Vaccinations were invented like the tetanus that put cannabis in the redundant category along with the invention of synthetic painkillers like aspirin. In 1937 The Marihuana Tax Act completely terminated the use of Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes. This is the foundation of our profitable criminal justice system and failed mental healthcare programs.

Drafted by the Founding Father of Cannabis Prohibition Harry Anslinger. The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 is a U.S. federal law that imposed tax on the sale of cannabis, hemp, or marijuana.