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Closing Out 2022 Full of Memories

My life is super amazing even with the ups and downs!

When adversity strikes we handle it together. Nothing will ever be as bad as my past. I'm in control of this mothership and I won't allow anything to bring us down.

Everyday brings on a new memory to cherish, one to learn from and more ways to grow.

I'm beyond grateful for this life and grateful for everyone that is here supporting our journey to generational wealth.

We have the blueprint and we're executing the plan.

Strib'ble District LLC

I have an amazing marriage, amazing kids and amazing businesses using my creator and ancestors given gifts.

Scaling all 2023 #onwardsandupwards

Music by @borabond


Intentions for 2023

Today is Nia Day 5 for Kwanzaa Celebrations

Purpose -Nia

"To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness."

I'M LIVING IN MY PURPOSE, it took some years to work on me and understand my purpose. Sometimes in life our vision is clouded by situations (including people) around us. It's ok to remove yourself to gain clarity in your purpose! At 18 years old is where my journey into my melaninated self began. It was important for me to discover who I am!

Nia (nee-AH)

The fifth principle of the Nguzo Saba is Nia which is essentially a commitment to the collective vocation of building, developing and defending our national community, its culture and history in order to regain our historical initiative and greatness as a people.

The assumption here is that our role in human history has been and remains a key one, that we as an African people share in the grand human legacy Africa has given the world. That legacy is one of having not only been the fathers and mothers of humanity, but also the fathers and mothers of human civilization, i.e., having introduced in the Nile Valley civilizations the basic disciplines of human knowledge. It is this identity which gives us an overriding cultural purpose and suggests a direction.

This is what we mean when we say we who are the father's and mothers of human civilization have no business playing the cultural children of the world. The principle of Nia then makes us conscious of our purpose in light of our historical and cultural identity.

Inherent in this discussion of deriving purpose from cultural and historical identity is a necessary reference to and focus on generational responsibility. [Frantz] Fanon has posed this responsibility in competing terms. He says, "each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, [and then] fulfill it or betray it" (48).

The mission he suggests is always framed within the larger context of the needs, hopes and aspirations of the people. And each of us is morally and culturally obligated to participate in creating a context of maximum freedom and development of the people.

Finally, Nia suggests that personal and social purpose are not only non-antagonistic but complementary in the true communitarian sense of the word. In fact, it suggests that the highest form of personal purpose is in the final analysis, social purpose, i.e., personal purpose that translates itself into a vocation and commitment which involves and benefits the community.

QAs we have noted elsewhere, such a level and quality of purpose not only benefits the collective whole, but also gives fullness and meaning to a persons life in a way individualistic and isolated pursuits cannot.

For true greatness and growth never occur in isolation and at other's expense. On the contrary, as African philosophy teaches, we are first and foremost social beings whose reality and relevance are rooted in the quality and the kinds of relations we have with each other. And a cooperative communal vocation is an excellent context and encouragement for quality social relations. Thus, [W.E.B.] Du Bois' stress on education for social contribution and rejection of vulgar careerism rooted in the lone and passionate pursuit of money is especially relevant. For again our purpose is not to simply create money markers, but to cultivate men and women capable of social and human exchange on a larger more meaningful scale, men and women of culture and social conscience, of vision and values which expand the human project of freedom and development rather than diminish and deform it.

Practice Nia every day!




Soaking Black Eyed Peas for New Year's Eve

The tradition continues but you won't find me inside of a church on New Year's Eve. I've been celebrating this night with my children for 27 years. Being at home is where I feel at peace and I truly would not want to be any other place than with my husband and kids to ring in the new year. Every year I make them eat Black Eyed Peas. I love them so it's not an issue for me but the kids make faces and still oblige. They call this the watch night! During chattel slavery abolitionist, freedman & the enslaved awaited the message to know if the Emancipation Proclaimation will be signed to essentially "free the slaves". History & research has taught us that freedom didn't happen until the 13th Amendment was passed. With that we still are only "freeish".

Living in my purpose enables me to share my knowledge with you. This knowledge didn't get taught in school minus the amazing African American studies class my 2nd Senior Year of High School. I encourage anyone willing to unlearn to learn something new research Kemet. Being exposed to this knowledge at 18 years old put me on this path I advocate for daily. TRUE FREEDOM. For many years I've told people the FBI & Government are behind the murders of Dr. King, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, Tupac Shakur & so many others incarcerated fighting for just rights. Here is it 20 plus years later and the information, documentation & facts are readily available for everyone to read in the library of congress files. You can find some on my

MLK/FBI on Hulu


Living in my Purpose

When you're ready I'll be here!

Jumping out of my comfort zone has allowed me to reach goals that were once a dream. Step Out, Step Up & Step Loudly, you deserve it for you.

I'm here as a former homeless teen, former homeless teen mom, former single parent, rape survivor, childhood trauma survivor, emotional, financial & Mental abuse survivor to let you know there is a way to free yourself. Happiness is a goal I aspired to achieve. It's available for us all!

Biggest Wins:

2022 1st Place DC Cannabis Cup Edibles

2022 2nd Place DC Cannabis Cup Topicals

2022 2nd Place MD CBD Cook Off Appetizers

Handcrafted infusions for all herbs not just cannabis because I trust #plantsoverpills

Donations are accepted & appreciated to assist our growing family & businesses.

Others ways to support our growth #download our #emagazines


Advocacy work matters as much as voting!

Be the Change You Want To See

Community involvement is extremely important at every level. Our lives are determined by the laws that govern us. Stay active, stay vigilant and fight for what you believe in. #dismantlethesystem Sign up here to join the fight for equitable and just cannabis laws for Maryland.


Let's Gooooooooooo 2023!

Thank you!


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