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Update: Justice Delayed, Finally Served

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Adnan is home #freeish under home confinement! After 23 years Adnan Syed walked out of the Baltimore Courthouse Monday afternoon by the request of the State's Attorney Office. Yes, you read that correctly, the State's Attorney's Office submitted a motion to the courts to vacate the conviction of Adnan Syed. How right?

December 26, 2022 update:

In its first occurrence ever the Appellate Courts of Maryland former Courts of Special Appeals will hear oral arguments to determine if the proceedings the lead up to Adnan's conviction being overturned in September were done properly. The brother of Hae Min Lee feels he didn't receive ample notification of the hearing to vacate Adnan's conviction. His attorney was present and presented a motion to postpone the hearing until the family member can appear in person. Prior to this date the family member had previously agreed to attend via zoom. For some reason the State of Maryland has agreed to listen to this motion, in my opinion is it a continued show of wasting taxpayers dollars as well as an abuse of power. With the assistance of the family members attorney the motion was presented and granted. Hearing date is set for February 2nd, 2023.

On a much brighter and uplifting side Adnan is getting his blessings as a free man with real life experiences. He has been hired as a Program Associate for Georgetown University's Prison and Justice Initiative. This will be Adnan's first 9 to 5 office job. I hope that Adnan's presence and the real life experiences he brings will increase the awareness of racial justice and equality on campus.

October 11, 2022 update:


The State's Attorney Office headed by Marilyn Mosby applauded her team and thanked them for the hard work put in under Becky Feldman's leadership. Their Special Review Unit is Winning for all these families that have suffered under harsh systemically racist foundations practiced in our judicial system. Thank you! ADNAN IS FREE....

For Hae Min Lee's family, I will continue to pray to our creator that you will get your justice.

WBFF Fox 45 Baltimore

In October 2021 Maryland General Assembly passed the Juvenile Restoration Act, SB0494, which is designed to abolish the sentence of Juvenile Life Without Parole and permit a person who was convicted of a crime committed while the person was a minor to file a motion for a sentence reduction. This bill supports the belief that no child is beyond the hope of redemption. This bill was presented to the current Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan in April 2021 and he vetoed the bill. The General Assembly overrode that veto and the bill was passed. Adnan had been incarcerated for 23 years and his case would get the opportunity to be reviewed.

In December 2020 Maryland's States Attorney hired former public Defender Becky Feldman to hold the Interim position of Strategic Policy and Planning Director where she works to implement and devise criminal justice reform policies. As Deputy Public

Defender Feldman is helped coordinate the release of elderly Maryland Prisoners under the Unger Ruling. In 2012 Unger Vs Maryland case ruled that instructions provided by Maryland judges to juries was structurally flawed and fundamentally unfair. All 237 Unger prisoners were sentenced to life with the possibility of parole, but none had been paroled even though