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On the Grounds at NCF with Caroline Phillips

Fat Nugs Magazine

Check out the latest from OhSo Strib'ble from the National Cannabis Festival in DC.

"It’s now close to 2pm, and I am making my way to the VIP area, finally. After getting my food, I came closer to Caroline, thinking this would be a great time to approach her for a face-to-face interview.

I then noticed the look of concern on her face and overheard that we have to evacuate.

I confronted her face-to-face, and asked her for clarification;

“Did you say we have to evacuate the park?”

She responded with a yes, explaining that a temporary shutdown is in place due to incoming storms.

With food still in hand, I briskly walked back to the other side of the park to our booth.

Before I could even reach our tent, the rain drops began!

Keeping in mind the magnitude of this amazing annual festival, I am happy to report that I was able to interview Caroline Phillips, Founder of National Cannabis Festival after all - to finally speak about this year’s NCF."

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