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Strib'bles Loc'down Fried Chicken Seasoning is a proven winner! This is the blend that locked that ring on my finger and made me a Stribling.  My husband loved the flavor so much, he made sure to come over everytime I fried chicken when we were dating. 


Delicious and Flavorful but a bit heavy on the seasoning salt.

Strib'bles Loc'down Chicken Fry Seasoning

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  • Wash Chicken

    Pat Dry

    Lay out flat

    Sprinkle seasoning over the chicken

    Flip over

    Sprinkle seasoining over the opposite side of chicken

    Pour Flour in a bag,

    Sprinkle more seasoning into the flour bag

    Shake chicken, a few pieces at at time, for full coverage

    Good For Pan Frying and Deep Frying