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Journaling was a passion as a teenager into my early 20s. I am sure it stopped due to the demands of my every day life. When I was introduced to Facebook, more like when I finally signed up, it was like journaling in a sense. Then came Instagram and it was simple to post a pic/vid with some words sequentially.


When COVID-19 made it's presence, our school buildings shut down to curve the spread. Most families were not accustom to staying home with their children to assist them in learning and also keep up with their demands of work. It was compelling for me to create a list of things that we practice at home in hopes it would bring a little or a lot of comfort to parents and guardians.


See I was not alarmed because I am very accustomed to being with children. My first job at 13 years old was the neighborhood sitter. Ever since I was a kid, children always gravitated towards me so I felt that was my calling in life, to be with children. I had my 1st child just shy of my 19th birthday and currently have 5 children, last one was born when I was 38. I followed my passions and opened a home daycare in 2008. If it's not my own children, it is my daycare babies or nieces and nephews who love spending time with us.


After deciding to compile this list I also decided to keep a daily blog of our lives under COVID-19 quarantine. It was a way to keep us active and not go insane, lol! We now have a series of ebooks that follow us through the unknown.


Come join us on this journey as we navigate covid quarantine, racial injustices, stress, depression, kids constant bickering, attitudes about school work and me finding my voice outwardly in community and cannabis advocacy.

We're Surviving Distance Learning With 4 Kids

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  • Come along with us on this journey of living under COVID 19 Quarantine.

    This series features real life activites and stories. We have experienced so many new things along the way. You even get to enjoy some special recipes made by OhSo.

    Real Life Stories of a Blended Family of 8 and Big Family Meal Recipes.

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